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Truths and Tips #4: Letting Go of Control

Q: What does a person gain when they relinquish control? 

A: They gain greater vision and clarity—and ultimately greater serenity.

Relinquishing control (or, as I sometimes say, losing control) frees life’s “natural currents” and allows us to engage those currents in a more intuitive and expansive manner, thereby enhancing our life paths.   In doing so, it reduces stress and anxiety;  lessens our worries; fosters intimacy and closer bonds with loved ones, family and friends; expands our creative horizons; and, increases efficiency and productivity–and enjoyment–at work.

The intensity of our controlling actions obstructs our vision and we are unable to “see” the options and make the choices that would vastly improve our lives—emotionally, spiritually, creatively, and even financially.   Instead we are immersed in our fears and worries because of our not accepting life as it is.

Questions to ponder: 

Q: “Have troublesome issues ever  improved when you surrendered control?”

Q: “Have meaningful choices appeared when you stopped pressing?”

Please share your responses with me and others!

In the meantime, remember to

Let It Go—and Accept “What Is!” 


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