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Danny Talks About Control and Acceptance

Irrefutably real, Danny Miller understands the importance of letting go of control and accepting others and life as they are because he has spent a lifetime of trying to defy that acceptance.    A former compulsive controller, Danny explains the practices and mindsets that have brought him more serenity than he ever could have imagined.

His expertise is hard earned and his wisdom deeply meaningful…and he wants to share it with you as part of his desire to help heal and repair lives, relationships, and the divisive world in which we now live through losing control and practicing acceptance.     

Treat your group or organization to an engaging Zoom Conversation or Keynote Talk with Danny. He personally gets involved with event organizers so that he can tailor his presentations to the specific interests of the audience.

Daniel A Miller

If your group or organization is interested in having Danny speak at your event please email us at and provide us with the event details, special interests, and contact information.

Conversation Starters

* Explore the dynamic relationship between true acceptance and transformation. Danny delves deeply into what acceptance is—and isn’t—to explain why the healing light of acceptance births opportunities that can transform our lives, the life of others, and the world, and how in the truest sense, acceptance is the path to peace and serenity.  He explains acceptance’s critical shift in focus from what you can’t change or control to discovering the powers that can transform your life.

* How ”Acceptance Conversations” can help heal The Great Divide.  Our country is more deeply divided now than any time since the Civil War.   Disparagement, derision, and outright hostility rule the “Great Divide” that exists within today’s social, cultural, and political currents.  The wise philosopher Lao-tzu said that the “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Offering hope, Danny explains how “acceptance conversations” are vital “single steps” to bridging the Great Divide.  

* How losing control is the best way to gain control over your life. Based on his best selling book, Losing Control, Finding Serenity, Danny explains how this paradox is key to avoiding the stress, anxiety, frustration—and friction—from over managing ourselves and others, and to flowing with our life currents in an intuitive and expansive manner that brings greater balance and harmony.

* Dispelling the Five Grand Myths of control freaks. A former compulsive controller himself, Danny shreds the illusions about the power and efficacy of control freaks and other “crazy makers” and lays out the keys to accepting– and surviving—them.         

Keynote Talks

Keys to Accepting People and Things as They Are.
Based on his bestselling, award-winning book, The Gifts of Acceptance: Embracing People and Things as They Are, Danny shares the remarkable and often unexpected benefits—to us and others– from accepting people and things as they are.   Using true life stories, he shows how practicing acceptance releases us from the shackles that bind us to the past, reveals meaningful new choices and opportunities, strengthens bonds with our family and loved ones–and is the best antidote for the need to control. He also explains how acceptance is the key to transcending control freaks, foes, and other “crazy-makers.” 

Decontrolling Your Life: Discover the True Powers that Bring You Freedom and Contentment. 
What would your life be like if you let go of control and let events unfold without resisting? Accepted people and things for how they are instead of trying to change them? Stopped telling your family and loved ones what’s best for them? Danny answers these and other provocative questions as he shares the overlooked keys to providing freedom and contentment.  He explains proven decontrol tools and strategies developed over 35 years that help people let go of control and thereby repair damaged relationships, foster lasting love and intimacy with loved ones, strengthen bonds with their children, expand their creative horizons, and overcome financial and other hardships.

The Rewards of Relinquishing Control at Work.
Drawing on his vast experience as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Danny shares true stories about how the compulsion to control at work not only blinds you to profitable choices and opportunities, but also wreaks havoc on close relationships and creates stress and anxiety harmful to your health.   He describes a “holistic” way of working and doing business based on letting go of control gives you a broader perspective of strategic issues, reveals innovative solutions to complex business challenges, avoids conflict and dissension with co-workers and others, markedly reduces worry and anxiety, and averts costly diversions of time and energy.