My Free Gift To You, “Acceptance In The Time Of COVID-19”

Q: How does our need to control stiffen life’s possibilities? 

A:   When we focus too intently on trying to control or change people and things we are putting “blinders” on our selves, and literally can’t see the options and opportunities that are before us.  We are too closed-minded and not open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Life is in a constant state of motion; fluid, shifting, changing, always moving.   As such, it is impossible to hold on to it—and that is precisely what controlling actions attempt to do.   The result is much the same as if you tried to grab on to a rapidly moving conveyor belt; you may slow it down temporarily, but you would ultimately get burned or dragged along!

So let go of control and expand life’s possibilities!

Questions to Ponder: 

Q: “Have you ever felt the freedom and lightness of ‘going with the flow?’”

Q:  “Was there a sense of ‘letting go’ associated with it?”

Please share your responses with me and others!

In the meantime, remember to

Let It Go—and Accept “What Is!”


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