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Truths and Tips #7: Letting Go of Control

Q: How can letting go of control allay some of the fear and anxiety associated with the current economic uncertainty brought about by Covid-19? 

A: The feeling of being powerless over our finances (and job prospects) can be extremely discomfiting and stressful–perhaps more so now than ever.   Our fear and anxiety compel us to control more.

However, when we try to control too much, we are putting “blinders” on ourselves, and literally can’t see the options and opportunities that could make life (and finances) better for us.

What alleviates our stress and anxiety is our willingness to “accept” the things over which we have little or no control–in this case the economic uncertainty and loss due to Covid-19.  That allows us to focus and devote our energies to those things over which we do have some control and power to change.

For example, we can examine what we need to do to reduce expenses, such  as asking for a deferment or abatement on our rent or home loan payments. We can seek to apply our skills and experience to jobs that are in greater demand because of Covid-19. Or, perhaps we can take classes and training in areas that are will suited for the “new economy.”

In short, the strategic change in focus that comes from letting go of the things you can’t control or change financial-wise, empowers you with greater vision, creativity, resilience–and even enthusiasm—as you adapt and prosper in the new economy.

Questions to Ponder: 

“What have you done to address your financial fears during Covid-19?”

“Have you found that it lessened your need to control?”

In the meantime, remember to

Let It Go—and “Accept What Is! 


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