My Free Gift To You, “Acceptance In The Time Of COVID-19”

Still feel the need to control too much in your life?   Setting intentions for letting go of control is one of the best ways in which to reduce the need or compulsion to control people and things and enjoy the serenity that is sure to follow.  Below are my updated decontrol intentions for 2016 together with links to prior posts on the particular subjects.

I intend to:

Identify the fears and anger behind my need to control—and timely process them! 

Trust that my ones and children will make decisions that are best for them 

Let go of the things that I cannot meaningfully change 

Practice acceptance in all my affairs 

Moderate my expectations of others 

Be more aware and grateful  for the many blessings in my life 

Be more patient 

Trust that I will be okay whatever the situation or circumstance 

Remember that what works for me does not necessarily work for others 

Focus on improving my own shortcomings rather than trying to change others 

Acknowledge life’s impermanence 

Remember that most things are not as important as I think they are 

Live and let live 

Be more humble 

Be more accepting of others 

Let go of control at work

Remember that if  I control, I can’t flow! 

Recognize that there is more than one path to an acceptable destination. 

Accept “what is” so that I can enjoy “what might be” 

Say the Serenity Prayer each morning—and apply it to the issues that arise during the day 

Be aware of the beauty all around me 


Repeat these intentions at least once a week throughout the year 

Please share with me your decontrol intentions for 2016. I encourage you to try the ones above that personally speak to you or to formulate your own.   I am confident your reward will be,

Greater Serenity in 2016! 

In the meantime, remember to 

Let It Go–and Accept “What Is!” 


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