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The Gift of Acceptance – Call For Submissions

Contribute Your Acceptance Story to my New Book and Receive $50 plus a Free Signed Copy!

Do you have a personal story about how you accepted someone as they are–annoying traits and all? A love one, boss, parents, or estranged sibling—even a nemesis? Or a story about how your accepting an adversity (a business failure, career setback, health issue, child’s wrongdoing, or other setback) allowed you to move forward with your life in a less stressful, more positive way?

I am currently writing another book, titled The Gift of Acceptance about the profound and often unexpected benefits that are bestowed upon us when we accept people and things as they are, or the “what is” in our lives.  Included in the book will be true stories from individuals who have embraced the far-reaching acceptance dynamic.

Please share your acceptance story with the book’s readers, using the questions below as a guideline.  If your story is selected for the book, you will receive $50 plus a signed copy of the book one month after its formal publication.

Your story should be 300-500 words.   The stories may be edited to fit within the subject matter and format of the book.   In order to protect your privacy, unless you specifically express otherwise, the names in the stories will be changed, and possibly other identifying factors, such as gender and location.  Story guideline qustions are provided below to assist you in formulating your story. 

Please send your story to me at [email protected], and be sure to include your name, email and mailing addresses, and telephone number.

And remember to

Let It Go!

Daniel Miller

Author, Losing Control, Finding Serenity: How the Need to Control Hurts Us and How to Let it Go, five year Amazon best seller and ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award Finalist.

                                            Story Guideline Questions 

Stories about Accepting Others 

What was it that made you nuts or angry about your mate, friend, boss, or other significant person?

What obstacles did you have to overcome to accept them as they were?

What keys or tools helped you accept them?

What benefit(s) have you and/or they received from your acceptance?

Stories about Accepting Adversity 

What challenges did you face in accepting a setback or an adversity?

What keys or tools helped you accept your adversity?

How did accepting your adversity benefit you?