My Free Gift To You, “Acceptance In The Time Of COVID-19”

One of the unexpected joys of writing this blog is my learning from the insights and wisdoms of others who are similarly seeking a state of grace in which we feel grounded, aware, and at peace.

What I find enlightening are the different ways that each individual seeks his or her own spiritual paths to guide them.

The Folly of Excessive Control

In my case, my journey focuses on trying to avoid excessive control and accept life as it is.    I explain it as follows in Losing Control, Finding Serenity:

“Life is in a constant state of motion: fluid, shifting, always moving.  As such, it is impossible to hold onto it—and that is precisely what controlling actions attempt to do.  The result is much the same as if you tried to grab on to a rapidly moving conveyor built, for example; you may slow it down momentarily, but you ultimately get burned or dragged along! Consequently, when we control excessively, we are attempting to alter life’s moving currents and rhythm.   When we do this, we are unable to see the options and make the choices that would significantly improve our lives, emotionally, spiritually, creatively, and financially.”

When we let go of control, we free life’s “natural currents,” allowing us to engage those currents in an intuitive and expansive manner.  You become more aware of the wonders all around you, and your spirit shines brighter and lighter.

The Wisdom of Charm

Jeff Kober,  an experienced Vedic Meditation teacher, expresses similar sentiments somewhat differently in these eloquent words about the wisdom of Charm:

“ Someone asked: what is this “charm” you speak of? as in, “We pay attention to the subtle tug of charm, allowing ourselves to be led.”

“Some would call it “the still, small voice.” Intuition. Conscience. There is a flow of life, of nature, within the oneness. Like a river, like the wind, there are currents and crosscurrents, subtle shifts of direction. These hold the information that can guide us through our days. By paying attention to this information, we align ourselves with the flow of evolution. By following evolution, life feels right. We can live our life based upon this feeling of rightness, rather than on ideas of what we should or shouldn’t be doing, who we think we’re supposed to be….

“Following charm is not magical thinking. It is paying attention to what nature would have me do, rather than what my ideas and opinions, my hopes and fears, would have me do. We pay attention to charm with the idea that, as individual expressions of nature, it just makes sense to align ourselves with its flow, and by aligning ourselves with this flow, we are guaranteed to end up where we’re meant to be.

“Today I will allow that there is a flow in nature that I have access to, and I will open myself to feeling it.”(The complete passage can be read here)

The Flow of Life

Although one’s spiritual paths may vary and be expressed or articulated in different ways, I believe there is a universal commonality in our journeys to find grace and harmony.   An important element of that journey is our striving to live within, and align ourselves with, the natural flow of life.   And although the daily challenges and struggles we face as parents, lovers, friends and workers impede us,  I have found that even fleeting moments of gliding with the “flow of life” make the effort all worthwhile.

In the meantime, remember to,

Let It Go–and Accept “What Is!”


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