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Letting Go of Control Truths

“Let go of control. You never had it in the first place!”

Most control freaks do not agree with the above statement. What about you? Not sure you agree? Then consider this:

“If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. So let go of control to get something new.”

Is micro-managing your children’s lives working for you? Or is not going too well? Here’s a suggestion:

“Listen attentively to them without “counseling” them.   It is a healing gift that allows them to process their concerns by themselves.” 

Are your high expectations of others creating distrust and dissension? If so, then try to:

“Expect Less—Control Less—and you will Discover more.”

How’s your love life been lately? Not so good? No wonder:

Love Control causes the dance of romance to lose its rhythm.”

Are your strong fears propelling you to control more even when you don’t want to?  Then you must:

“Process your fears before they become real. It greatly reduces the need to control.” 

Have your creative juices dried up? Are you looking for inspiration and need some creative nourishment?

Then (trust me) you must not,

“Overthink, overanalyze, press too much or try for perfection.” 

Is it your nature to fight, fight, fight, push, push, push, or resist, resist, resist?  What’s your stress and anxiety level? A bit high?

Here’s something to ponder:

“Surrender doesn’t mean failing; it often means winning.” 

It can be difficult for control freaks to process, but once they do, a greater freedom is available.

What it really all comes down to is this:

“To control or not? That is the question. How you answer will likely determine whether you will have greater serenity in your life—or not.”

To learn more about the habit of control freaks, click here.

In the meantime, remember to

Let it Go–and Accept “What Is!” 


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