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Albert Pujols–The Way Out of Your Slump

Poor Albert Pujols.   All those high expectations from fans, the owner–and  himself.

And why not?   A $240 million dollar contract can drum up a lot of expectations.

Is there thus any wonder why Albert is slumping so terribly?    Undue expectations invariably propel controlling actions; in his case trying too hard, analyzing and thinking too much, and likely doing too much.

The solution, Albert, may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s tried and true:

Let Go of Control!

Pujol’s dilemma of high expectations is not unusual or uncommon with high paid athletes.  In the chapter in my book entitled “Losing Sports Control: Gaining the Competitive Edge”, I relate how newly acquired L.A. Dodgers outfielder J.D. Drew was mired in a season long hitting slump until he finally gave up trying so hard to get out of it.   The following year he went on to make the American League All-Star team.

Similarly, in my post, “Lose Slumps by Losing Control”, I cite how other athletes (and professionals) successfully lost their slumps by letting go of control, as well as offering a few decontrol tips.

The dynamic is the same in all sports.

Too much control, too little flow.

So Albert, here is my advice—and please forgive me if I am being “too” controlling by offering it, but I truly believe it can help you continue to be the great player that you are.

*Disregard the expectations of fans and the owner.   Trying to meet them is what is causing you to be too controlling and not playing “within” yourself.

*Lower your own expectations as well.   It puts too much pressure on you.

*Stop trying so hard to come out of your slump.  Instead of over thinking and analyzing everything, just focus on having fun and enjoying the game that you love.

Regardless, Albert, I will continue rooting for you to hit them out of the park and I am confident you will soon return to form.

In the meantime, remember to

Let It Go–and Accept “What Is!”


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