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Should You Tell Your Loved One About Your Past Addiction?

  Guest Post by Anne Southern Over 20 million Americans struggle with some form of substance addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol (this does not include the many million more who are also addicted to tobacco) Despite this huge body of people with direct experience of addiction, it remains a huge taboo in our society and, once clean, many people choose to hide their past as an addict from the significant people in their lives. This level of deception and control can be hugely damaging to relationships, particularly to romantic relationships, and can make it difficult to let go and truly accept happiness. You will never truly know whether the person you are choosing to build a life with loves you for who you are until you have shown them every aspect of who you are, including the parts of your past that you are less than proud of. Let Go of Your Shame

Intentions for Accepting Others as They Are in 2017

As we begin a year of great uncertainty, and for many, great fear and anxiety, it is important to consider what we can do to bring greater peace and serenity into our lives and those we love.   For me, that begins with striving to accept people as they are and life as it is—and importantly, to do so without anger or resentment. As I’ve done in the past, formulating acceptance intentions helps me considerably in practicing acceptance. I am presently writing a new book titled The Gifts of Acceptance.    Below are a some acceptance intentions from the book related to accepting our loved ones, children, and parents. In 2017, I intend to:          “Be grateful for all the nice things my loved one does for me”          “Accept my loved one’s personal choices”