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Do Your Loved One’s Political Views Anger You?

The current divisive political climate becomes even more divisive when the political choices of our loved ones are contrary to our own.   For example, what if you are for Clinton, and they are for Trump?  If you are for gun control, and they support the NRA?  If they want to build a gigantic wall along border to keep people out, and you feel it's a foolish idea. How do you deal with such political disharmony between your loved one and yourself?  Do you try to persuade them to change their views? (and how does that work?) Are you able to have respectful, cordial discussions with each other?  Or do damaging arguments ensue? Or, is it "My way or the highway!?

Intentions for Letting Go of Control in 2016

Still feel the need to control too much in your life?   Setting intentions for letting go of control is one of the best ways in which to reduce the need or compulsion to control people and things and enjoy the serenity that is sure to follow.  Below are my updated decontrol intentions for 2016 together with links to prior posts on the particular subjects. I intend to: Identify the fears and anger behind my need to control—and timely process them!  Trust that my ones and children will make decisions that are best for them  Let go of the things that I cannot meaningfully change  Practice acceptance in all my affairs