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The Press Tour Beginnings

With the official release of Losing Control, Finding Serenity: How The Need To Control Hurts Us and How To Let It Go earlier this month, Danny’s press tour is fully underway. The tour has already included radio interviews, television appearances and a multitude of book reviews.

Last week also included a book launch party for Danny’s close friends and family. The event was buzzing with excitement as stacks of books were sold and Danny spoke to guests about the journey that led him to publish his book. His path was marked with life altering events and years of serious self reflection that led Danny to discover some deep truths about himself, and the way he interacted with others. His wisdom is grounded in experience and it was clear that Danny is eager to share his knowledge with others.

To see some snapshots of the celebration, please take a peek at the gallery below.

Useful Links

Earlier this week Boing Boing , the world’s most popular blog with over 5,000,000 unique visitors a month, featured three excerpts from Danny’s book. To read “The Compulsion To Control” click here; to read “Fear: Control’s Best Friend” click here; to read “Losing Parental Control: Reducing The Struggle” click here.

To listen to Danny’s interview with Conscious Talk Radio click here.

Upcoming events include an interview on the “AM Ocala” radio show based out of Ocala, Florida at 10:35 ET on March 23rd; a second interview on March 23rd on the “Afternoon Delight” show of KASM-AM, based out of Albany, MN; and an interview on “News Now” by Voices of America at 10:30 am PST on April 1st.

Positively Present will also be posting their review of the book on March 25th.