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Acceptance Intentions for 2018


It is a constant challenge to practice acceptance, especially when the stakes seem high or the circumstances dire, or when our resentments are strong.   My forthcoming book due this spring, The Gifts of Acceptance:Embracing People and Things as They Are, offers effective tools and strategies for practicing acceptance in our important relationships and life circumstances. (You can download a free preview chapter here)

Most chapters include acceptance intentions aimed at facilitating acceptance of people and things as they are. Below are some of my acceptance intentions for 2018.

I intend to:

         Accept my loved one’s personal choices

         Not judge my friends harshly

         Listen attentively to my children

         Accept my parents’ shortcomings 

         Remember I am not perfect 

         Don’t take things so personally 

         Recognize that my way is not the only way,       

         Be realistic about what I can do 

         Not be in denial of my limitations 

         Be more aware of what I cannot change or control 

         Trust that everything will work out as it is meant to be, and 

         Remember that acceptance is fundamentally a choice        

From much experience, I know full well that I will not always be able to fulfill these intentions.   However, I also know that even partial success often results in meaningful, and often unexpected, gifts.

What are your acceptance intentions for 2018? I encourage you to formulate your own—and please share them with me and others in the comment section of this post.

Here’s wishing you,

Greater Serenity in 2018! 

And remember to,

Let It Go– and Accept What Is!

and Let’s Help Make Acceptance Go Viral!


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