“Best-selling author Miller (Losing Control, Finding Serenity) learned the hard way that his control-driven lifestyle wasn’t working and that only by letting go of the reins would he find more tranquility . . . to accept life on life’s terms . . . to welcome what is instead of what one hopes the world to be. VERDICT: A solid reminder to enjoy the life we’ve been given. Highly recommended.”

— Starred Review, Library Journal


The Gifts of Acceptance: Embracing People and Things as They Are offers a pointed perspective admonishing readers that life would be much improved if people accepted situations, other people, and life; and didn’t spend so much time wishing things were different.

“Author Daniel A. Miller well knows what he is talking about. Once he was a controlling person who not only wished things were different, but spent much time and energy assuring that people and situations changed the way he wanted. As his experiences in life prompted him to reconsider its direction, he became educated on the concept of acceptance, its value, and the realities of adjusting to negative and positive changes alike.

“His own experiences blend with other case histories, unexpected humor, and tips on how readers can acknowledge and practice habits which involve giving up control and a good deal of belief in one’s personal power in favor of an approach to life that encourages reconciliation over conflict.

“Chapters are very clear in their approaches to potentially complex, confusing subjects; from how to accept losses brought about by change to facing conflicting perspectives, actions, and negative forces in life. This is where many titles about acceptance bog down: in providing the specifics of how to handle degrading behaviors, toxic individuals, and social and political forces well beyond individual influence.

“The common challenges to acceptance, from one’s parents to setbacks and failure, are each profiled in chapters that use case histories and author experiences to illustrate the predicament and the contrast between controlling and accepting behavior patterns.

“The result is an informational title packed with strategies, tools, and tips for negotiating ups and downs with a new paradigm for living a better life.”

–D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review



“An excellent tome that explores the benefits of accepting “what is” about people, places, and things as opposed to what you would like them to be. Every chapter is aligned with specific situations and obstacles a person may face. Strategies and tools are provided to help readers overcome these different challenges….It is never too late to change being stuck permanently in the life you have now … and adopt some or all of the tools Miller provides in his book.”

–Norm Goldman, Publisher, Bookpleasures.com



“Daniel Miller shares his own experiences as well as other inspiring stories about the connection between accepting people and hardship and living with more joy.”

–Conscious Community Magazine