This book is worth a course of therapy! It is for anyone who has ever been weighed down by the delusion that sheer will and control could deliver a desired outcome. Through compelling case histories, Mr. Miller presents universal examples of the costs of this kind of disordered thinking, and step by step, shows us the way out. “Losing Control, Finding Serenity” is the missing link to uncovering the true wisdom of the Serenity Prayer. 

Barbara LaSalle,MFT, Author of Finding Ben

 As a newcomer to Stoicism, I found Losing Control, Finding Serenity to be invaluable. I feel enriched by the many illustrative anecdotes and practical tips for letting go of control (in a mature and responsible manner) of the urge to control every aspect of my life 

Mark Frauenfelder, founder of BoingBoing

 Daniel Miller has hit the nail on the head with his hugely insightful book. As a parent and parenting author, I was especially struck by his chapter on losing parental control. By domineering and overpowering our children, we strip them of countless opportunities to feel true pride in making their own decisions and owning their own successes (and failures). By not allowing them to find autonomy and self-reliance in this complex world, we strip them of the tools they will undoubtedly need throughout their lives. 

Jennifer Worley
Co-author, The Stay at Home Martyr

 Miller’s insight into letting go allows people to become truly who God intends them to be and therefore more fully human. 

Rev. Canon Norman S. Hull

 Danny Miller clearly and insightfully, with touching personal stories, explains that we must stop controlling the matters of the heart if we want love to flow effortlessly into our lives. In Losing Control, Finding Serenity, he has tapped into an essential Love Truth that many of us instinctively know but often are afraid to embrace: real and lasting intimacy can be achieved only when we stop trying to control our loved ones and accept them for who, what, and how they are. Bravo, Danny, on this treasure chest of practical tools! I especially love your ‘Love Control Test’ to determine if you are a love controller in your love relationship. Your simple methods help us lose the control that we think we need and gain abundantly more in our lives just by making a few ‘decontrol’ adjustments. 

Maria Carter
bestselling author of Fall In Love With Your Life: 365 Love Notes for Romancing the Self-Critic Within and Founder and Publisher, Loving Magazine

 Losing Control, Finding Serenity is must reading for all Type A workaholics. Through the clever use of well-positioned anecdotes, Danny Miller takes aim at the notion that to be successful in life, one must always be in control. As an entrepreneur with over forty-five years of investing experience, I was particularly attracted to those chapters devoted to losing control in the workplace. I only wish that this book had been written forty years ago. It left me with the strategic clarity that surely would have led me to even better tactical decision making. 

Michael Sherman
Founder of Delphi Information Sciences Corporation

 In my career as a professional writer and producer, I have spent over twenty years chasing those all-too rare moments when the work almost magically flows to the page. In Losing Control Finding Serenity, Danny Miller has honed in on how to achieve those moments by letting the creative process unfold naturally. As a showrunner, I have always tried to instill a small bit of chaos in the writers room to help writers loosen up on the reins and let them tap into that place where genius (or at least a good enough joke to get us home early) lies. Danny Miller has laid out the tools to find this state of mind by giving up control without fear or anxiety. 

David Krinsky
Executive Producer, King of the Hill, The Goode Family, and Extract, and writer, Blades of Glory

 Daniel Miller’s excellent new book can guide parents on their path to effective parenting. With examples that will ring true for many parents, he encourages us to lose control in ‘all the right places’ and reminds us that ‘attentive listening can also have a powerful healing effect. 

Sylvia Rouss, award-winning parenting author

 Losing Control, Finding Serenity is a wonderful primer on how Not to be judgmental of others so as to allow for them to fully actualize their own unique spiritual path. For this to occur, clergy people especially need to free themselves from the habit of judging personal belief and practice and encourage rather the individual’s informed but free journey, whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, or any other faith. The fundamental decontrol precepts that Danny Miller explains will enable clergy and laity to live more peacefully with themselves and their faith communities. 

James Lee Kaufman
Rabbi Emeritus, Temple Beth Hillel

 As an industry professional who daily interacts with many talented people having large egos, hidden agendas, and often conflicting demands, I have found that Losing Control, Finding Serenity offers excellent insight and direction on how to let go of control at work and allow processes to unfold naturally, leading not only to better results but to greater serenity even throughout the most stressful situations. Indeed, anyone seeking to address issues with control can gain much from Danny’s book. 

Marcia S. Ross
Executive Vice President, Casting, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Production