How to Invest in Real Estate Syndicates

By Daniel A. Miller

In How to Invest in Real Estate Syndicates (Dow Jones-Irwin), Daniel A. Miller, a real estate attorney, investor, and professional syndicator, provides investors and financial advisors with the tools necessary to evaluate the risks and benefits of real estate syndicate offerings (group investments in which the capital of inactive investors is entrusted to designated professional investment managers).  It teaches you how to detect and avoid hidden investment pitfalls, what questions to ask, how to judge the answers you get, what risks you should consider taking, and which ones to avoid.   Valuable investment checklists and case studies are provided throughout the book to enable you to maximize syndicate investment profits and minimize syndicate investment risks.

Editorial Praise for the Book:

“This 14-chapter book is chock full of useful information and tools for investment evaluation.”—Mortgage Banker

“The book is clearly written, understandable to potential investors who have little or no knowledge of real estate, and unmistakably to the point.”—Real Estate Review

“Mr. Miller has carefully documented a step-by-step manuscript for the investor and/or developer who is planning to promote a syndication.  The assets, the risks, and the potential yield are well and easily explained.”–The Robbins Report