Zoom Conversations with Danny on Acceptance and Control

Irrefutably real, Danny Miller understands the importance of accepting others and life as it is because he has spent a lifetime of trying to defy that acceptance.  A former compulsive controller, Danny does not only change lives for every single person who hears him speak, he gives each audience member a renewed commitment to deepen their lives.

His expertise is hard earned and his wisdom deeply meaningful…and he wants to share it with you as part of his desire to help heal and repair lives, relationships, and the divisive world in which we now live through practicing acceptance.

Conversation Starters

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Below are some topics to get the conversation started.

Accepting “what is” let’s you discover “what might be.” 

Danny shares inspiring true stories about how the profound “gifts” of acceptance bring greater serenity than one can imagine, even in the most discouraging of situations.   He explains acceptance’s critical shift in focus from what you can’t change or control to discovering the powers that can transform your life.

Acceptance can help heal the great social and political divide.

The wise philosopher Lao-tzu said that the “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Making headway in lessening today’s divisive, acrimonious social and political divide feels more daunting than a thousand mile journey.
Offering hope, Danny attests that practicing acceptance and encouraging “acceptance conversations” are important “single steps” in bridging this Great Divide.

Exploring the dynamic relationship between true acceptance and transformation.

Danny delves deeply into what acceptance is—and isn’t—to explain why the healing light of acceptance births opportunities that can transform our lives, the life of others, and the world, and how in the truest sense, acceptance is the path to peace and serenity.

Practicing acceptance during Covid-19 helps considerably. 

Expanding on his free new ebook guide, Acceptance in The Time of Covid-19, Danny explains why it is more important than ever to combat the powerful acceptance blockers of denial, fear, anger, and unrealistic expectations so that you can achieve serenity even in the most difficult of times.

Fundamentally, acceptance is a choice.

Danny convincingly attests that choosing acceptance is the answer to enjoying greater trust, openness, and intimacy with loved ones, family, friends, and others, and the key to releasing the shackles that bind us to the past.

Losing control is the best way to gaining control over your life.

Based on his best selling book, Losing Control, Finding Serenity, Danny explains how this paradox is key to avoiding the stress, anxiety, frustration—and friction—from over managing our lives and others, and to flowing with life’s “natural currents” in an intuitive and expansive manner that brings greater balance and harmony.

Dispelling the Five Grand Myths of control freaks.

A former compulsive controller himself, Danny shreds the illusions about the power and efficacy of control freaks and other “crazy makers”, and lays out the keys to accepting– and surviving—them.

Daniel A Miller